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Wendi Jensen is a Spiritual Evolutionary. She has a passion for waking up the soul to its true identity and connecting to Source to align with the Universal principles that will allow one to fulfill their full potential.

Her fascination with the mind/body connection drew her into the world of energy work and understanding the psychological and emotional links to physical ailments in the body. She discovered that one of the most effective authentic and natural ways to unlock stubborn mindsets was to ask the Divine Source relevant quality questions.

In her ground breaking book The Healing Questions Guide, Wendi has developed a 500 page encyclopedia of body specific, quality questions to ask the mind to activate healing in the body. Now you are able to connect with the body like never before. The intention behind the book is to a resource to help get to the core of the emotional and psychological roots contributing to sickness and disease and to help others become the healer in their own life. The book is available on Amazon.com or on her website www.wendijensen.com.

Beyond her work with the Healing Questions Guide, and as a speaker and trainer, Wendi is the creator of the Inner Body Solutions program, A Body of Light Workshop and Awakening Eve, designed to help women connect with their body and embrace their spiritual gifts. She also teaches Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Meditation. She is part of the feminine movement to create partnership in the corporate and religious sectors. It is her passion to awaken women to their full identity, discover their gifts and connect to the Divine Source to gain the inner guidance that will help them live a purpose filled life. She is attuned to the Integral movement and in helping others transition into a peaceful and unifying mindset on a global scale. Her goal is to create the tools and training to help you heal your life.

Wendi lives in Mesa, AZ with her husband and best friend of 28 years Richard and their 5 children. She enjoys dancing, hiking, running, writing, reading and being a grandma.

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