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Women have come a long way in U.S. History, and here we are making even more progress! The government has made an official announcement that the image on the U.S.A.’s ten dollar bill will now feature a woman in addition to Alexander Hamilton.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this ground-breaking decision is that the U.S. government is looking for YOUR suggestions! They want to know what woman in history you think is most deserving of this honor. The Women’s Information Network will be submitting your suggestions for The New 10 at the end of the Summer 2015, and we want you to take part and vote for the woman you want to see. Below is a list of 75 of the U.S.A’s most influential women in history. Learn about them, and then cast your vote! We’ll keep track of the votes and keep you updated on our Facebook and Twitter accounts along the way. Happy voting!


(PS – don’t see someone who you feel should be on this list? Leave a comment for us!)

75 Most Influential Women in U.S. History




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