What Is #PerspectiveShift? ~ Guest Post with Frances Holinda

What exactly is #perspectiveshift you ask? Ok, maybe you didn’t actually ask, but I’m going to explain it anyway. Let’s start by saying what it’s not. It’s not the optimistic viewpoint vs. the pessimistic viewpoint (i.e. glass half full vs. glass half empty). It’s not turning every negative into a positive (because there are truly Read more about What Is #PerspectiveShift? ~ Guest Post with Frances Holinda[…]

Family Commitment & Unconditional Love

Are we trying our hardest to give our children unconditional love?   “I had no idea she would be there. ” My apologies for her absence had been well-rehearsed.   When my high school home economics teacher announced that we would be having a formal mother-daughter tea, I felt certain I would not be serving Read more about Family Commitment & Unconditional Love[…]

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Stages and Seasons of a Balanced Life

Stages and Seasons of a Balanced Life Contributed by Judy Helm Wright January 22, 2014 The key to balance is recognizing what stage of life you’re in & figuring out your purpose during that stage of life.   Balancing Stages and Segments What is a balanced life anyway? This is such an elusive concept, because Read more about Stages and Seasons of a Balanced Life[…]