Teaching Your Toddler To Share

Teaching Your Toddler To Share Judy Helm Wright February 2, 2015 Children who learn the value of sharing at an early age will mature into balanced and well-adjusted adults who are focused on helping others. Your toddler may have natural instincts to keep their belongings for their own enjoyment, especially as they reach the terrible Read more about Teaching Your Toddler To Share[…]

How To Live Well On One Income

How To Live Well On One Income By Paula Fellingham March 4, 2015 Learning how to live off of one income can sometimes be overwhelming , but there are ways to do it and still live comfortably.   Chances are, if you’re part of a two-income household, there have been times when you wondered or Read more about How To Live Well On One Income[…]

The “Blame Game” and Taking Personal Responsibility

By Paula Fellingham It’s easy to play the blame game when we get upset, however taking personal responsibility for one’s actions is important.. Marlene was furious at David, her husband. It was 7:30 at night and he still wasn’t home. She had made a lovely dinner and had prepared his favorite dessert. Marlene and both Read more about The “Blame Game” and Taking Personal Responsibility[…]

Five Keys To Great Communication

Five Keys To Great Communication By Paula Fellingham February 24, 2015 Communication is key to having good relationships, so here are 5 tips to building GREAT communication.   Before we can teach our children to communicate well, we should learn how to do it. Let’s begin with a story on communication: A construction worker approached Read more about Five Keys To Great Communication[…]

Family Commitment & Unconditional Love

Are we trying our hardest to give our children unconditional love?   “I had no idea she would be there. ” My apologies for her absence had been well-rehearsed.   When my high school home economics teacher announced that we would be having a formal mother-daughter tea, I felt certain I would not be serving Read more about Family Commitment & Unconditional Love[…]

3 Couponing Tricks

3 Couponing Tricks By The Women’s Information Network December 18, 2014 There’s no doubt that extreme couponing is a practice that requires hours and hours of preparation, and it’s certainly not for everyone. However, it’s also true that many of the tricks that the pro couponers use can be applied to basic grocery shopping, so Read more about 3 Couponing Tricks[…]