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Get involved with our Humanitarian Efforts around the globe and participate in the Total Life Excellence Program.



What is success?


WIN Founder, Dr. Paula Fellingham, said, “I believe we are successful when our actions are in harmony with our good intentions and beliefs about how to live our best lives.” She also wrote, “On some days it’s overwhelming to think of living our best lives because perhaps – on difficult days – we can only live our best hour – or even our best minute. It’s on those days that we need our sisters. We need to lean on each other. And that leads us to service.


Serving, with no thought of reward, is at the heart of The WIN.


Those women who truly love others know that serving is like breathing in and breathing out. It’s done without thought or worry; it comes naturally.


Since serving is another way of saying, “I love you”, those who serve reap the rich rewards of their loving actions and they live more joyful lives.


And because love begets love, the cycle of kindly serving, then being more loved (because of your service), and then wanting to serve/love more, is profoundly powerful.


Indeed, some may even see this cycle as the very essence of “success”… of “living your best life”.




This is a magnificent program created by Dr. Paula Fellingham. For decades Paula has taught her life-changing principles to women in many nations.


The 7 week TOTAL LIFE EXCELLENCE Program includes 7 Modules that come with an “Hour of Power” group call with Paula each week. An “upgrade” is taking an international trip with Dr. Fellingham.


Participants learn about how to enjoy “Life Excellence” in a different area of their lives in each Module, and on each call. Paula teaches exactly how to enjoy TOTAL LIFE EXCELLENCE in these 7 areas:


  1. Mental/Change/Joy/Confidence
  2. Physical/Health/Fitness/Weight
  3. Emotional/Social/Releasing Past
  4. Family/Friend/Business Relationships
  5. Financial/Business/Online Success
  6. Life Mission/Purpose/Influence
  7. Global Issues/Involvement/Service


SUM 1.


This is our non-profit entity; a 501 (c)(3).

Our humanitarian efforts are focused on educating women and girls worldwide.


This relatively new part of Women’s Information Network is dedicated to educating women and girls in many nations through live events, service projects, online courses (offered at no cost), and collaborating/serving with other organizations whose missions align with ours.


We invite you to let us know if you’re interested in helping with SUM 1. Simply email and request more information. J


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