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Stephana Johnson is an actress and women’s empowerment coach specializing in healing past trauma and abuse. She is the author  the forth coming book “Finding Joy Beyond Trauma: Stories of Healing, Strategies for Thriving”.  As a leader in the women’s empowerment revolution, Stephana brilliantly blends the grace of feminine intuition with practical life skills and business know-how — and the result is a soulful not for profit business that empowers women to heal their past to find greater love, joy and success in their present and future.  As a result of her personal sexual trauma and abuse, she lived in shame, fear and confusion until she was able to transform those scars into what she calls ‘sacred wounds’.  After counseling and coaching others for over 20 years Stephana says she discovered our greatest wounds lead to our soul’s perfection.
“Stephana Speaks” Show Description:
Taking the Drama from the Trauma and Turning Trouble Into Triumph: Stories of Healing, Strategies for Thriving, Empowering women and their families with a holistic approach to love, joy and success in their lives, careers and relationships.
Stephana Enterprises, Inc. empowers and educates women and their families to heal the pain of their past so they can find joy, love and success in their present.  As a direct result of working with Stephana, clients overcome debilitating fear, self-doubt, life-long struggles and set aside other self-limiting beliefs that used to stand in the way of them stepping into their full potential. To get a free copy of Stephana’s E-book “21 Tips, Tools and How To’s To Turn Trouble Into Triumph” or to find out more about Stephana and the work she is doing, visit:
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