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Sharon Frame’s core mission is to help women claim their “space” on the planet, re-frame their self-image and create the life they desire and deserve. She does that through her “Focus And Follow Through” monthly mastermind program and her Power Focus Coaching. ””


Ms. Frame also created a four-step “LeadHERship” strategy to help ladies set a better sail in life through Ownership, Relationship, Scholarship and Stewardship. Those are the anchors of her 4th book “LeadHERship: Own it. Love it. Learn it. Give it: Women Redefining Wealth, Health and Happiness, And How You Can Too.”


Sharon also hosts an exciting LeadHERship Empowerment Cruise for women every year that offers a fun get-away of “Leisure and Learning. ””


Ms. Frame is a former CNN anchor, award-winning journalist and Empowerment Speaker. She believes everyone came to the planet “Wired to Win” and pre-programmed for greatness. For more than twenty-five years she has coached and mentored women to thrive and self-develop in business and in their personal lives. Her clients are taught to shift their mindset from negative, toxic, limiting beliefs to create a life of joy, purpose and unlimited possibilities.


Have failures, set-backs and disappointments derailed or deferred your dreams? Perhaps it’s time to let Sharon Frame help you set yourself up for true and tangible success through the power of ”Focus and Follow Through.”


We all have dreams and goals in life. We yearn to love and be loved; to matter, to live a life of significance and value. “Focus and Follow Through” is designed to help add some FUN to the sometimes difficult road to true success. The show’s subtext is, “Getting Things Done While Having Fun.”


Expect to gather up practical strategies to move forward in business and in life with a refreshing dose of joy and laughter. “Focus and Follow Through” will help you accomplish your business and personal tasks, take on the challenges of life with a new, fun attitude. As host Sharon Frame jokingly says, “If you are not going to have fun, don’t invite me to the party.” Life is inviting you to live with joy on the journey. So get ready to focus on opportunity not difficulty. And “Follow Through” on the endless possibilities hidden in every problem.

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Sharon’s Products & Offerings


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2015 LeadHERship Cruise: Mix Business and Pleasure and Set Sail With Sharon Frame, Award-Winning Speakers, and Best-Selling Authors.

Wired To Win

“Wired To WIN! The Ultimate Guide for women who want to Plug In, Power Up, & Push Through to Personal Greatness.”


“LeadHERship: Own It, Love It, Learn It, Give It. Women Redefining Wealth, Health, and Happiness and How You Can Too.”



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