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Serve: (verb) “To perform duties or service(s) for the benefit of another person, organization, or community.”

For millions of women (and men!) “being of service” comes quite naturally.

What also comes naturally, as a result of serving others, is a sense of joyful satisfaction that’s usually unmatched by other accomplishments, even those accomplishments that others may see as more important than the service you give.

We’re happy to let you know that serving is one of the things we do best at the WIN! And we’ve noticed that our Global Community is full of women who enjoy touching hearts and changing lives through frequent acts of kindness.

It’s difficult to measure the feeling that comes from knowing you have helped another human being, contributed to a worthy cause, or made even a single moment better for someone you may never meet.

Especially sweet is the service we give to our family and friends.

Being of service is a sort of spiritual exercise for the soul. As with all exercise, we recommend serving – in some way - every day of your life.


As you know, service comes in many forms and fashions.  It need not be a massive undertaking or a substantial financial contribution. Service is sharing your time, talent and treasure. It can be subtle, quiet, private...but in all cases, it brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. It’s the best kind of WIN-WIN!

Consider volunteering, visiting the home-bound, taking a moment to “explain” to a child rather than “scolding”, be more patient – especially with yourself.

When women across the planet are each serving in small ways, our big world will become a better place to live! Let’s lead the way and serve gladly!

Near and dear to the WIN is the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative. We invite you to visit to learn how and why this might be a great way for you to serve others.

We also invite you to suggest ways to serve others and we’d love for you to share what YOU do to serve.

The WIN Team presents MONTHLY SERVICE AWARDS to shining examples of service... so go for it... let us know what you do to serve… and be a WIN-her!!

We invite you to visit


Thank you for all you do to serve your family, friends, and community!

~The WIN Team