Secrets from Real-Life Millionaires!

Secrets from Real-Life Millionaires!

By The Women’s Information Network
March 6, 2015



While you may think that millionaires are all high-rollers and big spenders, some of the basic principles that they built their wealth upon may surprise you!


Most people imagine millionaires driving fancy cars and wearing designer clothes, but in reality, most millionaires don’t live much differently than the rest of us – they just think differently! “Millionaires know there are certain principles that will help them get and stay rich,” says Bill Danko, Ph.D., coauthor of The Millionaire Next Door. Take a peek into what today’s millionaires really do – and try their tricks yourself!

Every penny counts!

One millionaire in “The Millionaire Next Door” presented his wife with $8,000,000 in stock while she was clipping coupons at the kitchen table. Her response? She kept on clipping coupons! “Millionaires know everyday savings can be just as important as a big break in the stock market,” says Danko.

Get-rich action: Check every source – the Web, your junk mail – for money-saving coupons. Here are some websites where you can obtain printable grocery savings:

Shop at discount stores.

“Surveys show most wealthy folks shop at discount stores like Wal-Mart,” says Danko. In fact, millionaire households are four times more likely to have a Sears credit card than a Brooks Brothers card.Get-rich action: Look for high-quality name brands at discount stores.

Time equals money.

“Wealthy people know that spending some time researching a purchase beforehand can mean big savings,” says Danko.

Get-rich action: Whenever you make a purchase – like a new TV or appliance – hunt down the best price by checking at least three different stores and looking online at

~excerpted from article in Women’s World

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