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Welcome to my Path to Anandam, “The Road to Happiness” eTV show

Path to Anandam is the road that takes you to your hidden treasure of True Happiness within.

I’m Satya Kalra, your host of my new eTV Show–“Path toAnandam”. Anandam means eternal bliss and in my eTV show–we will be focusing on different topics to help you achieve all your dreams and desires. You will learn todiscovery your true self, your life’s purpose, your inner power, expand your consciousness, reach your unlimited potential, and experience a life filled with Abundance, Eternal Love, Peace, and Happiness–ANANDAM.

Transform your thoughts—Transform your life! If we continue to do the same thing over and over we cannot expect different outcomes. I will show you how to cleanse and remove old dogma and replace it with new and fresh info to completely change your consciousness and your life.

It’s your birthright to be happy, healthy, and prosperous at every level of your life. I will give you the tools to shift your beliefs, expel your negative thought patterns, fears, guilt, anger, frustration, pain, and sadness. You can direct your positive energy and design your future of your own choice–Become the Master of Your Own Life.

Being from India, I was fortunate enough to learn from various teachers and gurus and experience many different spiritual practices, daily meditation, and study the wisdom of the great prophets, rishis and sages. My mission is to spread the knowledge of the ancients with a modern day approach to make it more accessible so others can benefit from it as I have benefited from it.

Through my 40 years of intense devotion to enlightenment I have created a simple, practical, step-by-step approach to Self-Transformation. I use exercises, and meditations that teach you how to create more wealth and freedom, more loving relationships, and learn how to speak your truth.


Self-Discovery is the path toward success and fulfillment in life. When I was faced with many challenges in every area of my life, business, family, and health, and felt totally lost, confused, and empty–I decided to transform my own life and attempt to become a better, spiritually awake human being. I went deeper and deeper, and found the Secret of Eternal Happiness and Peace-ANANDAM and the process and techniques for change and transformation.


Discover Your True Self


My pioneering technique using practical tools and strategies for unveiling eternal happiness and helping you reclaim your Personal Power by reprograming your subconscious mind to come into alignment with your goals and desires -substituting negativity with positivity in the subconscious mind equals life changing results. I have taken my experience of 35 years as a CEO in the biotech industry to bridge science and spirituality for the upliftment of your body, mind, and spirit.


With our proven 7-step and Chakra alignment program, we will guide you to re-frame your self-image and help you feel calmer, happier, healthier, more creative and self-confident, focused, compassionate, productive, and empowered.


Reclaim Your Power and Goddess Within

Women are faced with unprecedented levels of stress, fatigue, and illness, as well as a profound disconnection with their inherent creativity and femininity.

It is our privilege to teach and support women to live a life of self-fulfillment and self-reliance. We help women set a better drive in life through ownership, relationships, leadership, confidence, and empowerment– Happiness, Health, and Wealth=Women’s Wellness. Through our “Goodness to Goddess” program–we help women to get in touch with their goddess within and experience their Divine Shakti/Power.


Discover Your True-Self, Unveil Your Inner Power and Take Control of Your Life, RIGHT NOW!


Satya Kalra is a self-transformation, happiness, empowerment coach, spiritual guide, meditation expert, and a 12-time bestselling author. Formerly a CEO in the biotech industry (Cancer) and founder of the non-profit organization, Path to Anandam, she has practiced spirituality and meditation over 40 years. For 25 enriching years, she has been teaching people how to attain eternal abundance, happiness and peace within, and how to reach their unlimited potential by raising their consciousness through the ultimate union of body, mind, and soul by bridging science and spirituality. She guides you to your highest level of personal power and directs you to experience a quantum leap in your personal growth and success in life. She also mentors individuals and groups of women in finding who they truly are and exploring their Goddess within. Satya has coached and trained thousands of people including students, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers and families through her online programs, radio and TV interviews, and at universities, businesses, and organizations worldwide.

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