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Topic: Fitness & Nutrition
As a professional athlete, trainer and coach, Randy has spent her career helping people discover their inner potential to “want the ball.”  Her powerful messages, like the mental attitude of gratitude, go beyond the sports arena and into everyday living.  As a highly accomplished and results-driven Speaker and Trainer, Randy has helped numerous companies and individuals reach their peak performance by incorporating a better Athletic Mindset.  Her eTV Show, The Athletic Mindset can be found at www.TheWINonline.com and at www.TheAthleticMindset.com

About The Athletic Mindset ShowThe Athletic Mindset centers on an athletes thinking process needed to be successful in business, school, sports, and life.  Friedman and Webb have put a spin on the motivational book and these eTV Shows to incorporate century’s old mental strategies used by top athletes into the process of thinking positive to achieve one’s goals.  Throughout the book and the Shows, the authors encourage the attitude of “keep on swinging,” an idea born from the fact that baseball batters with the highest batting averages strike out more times than they get on base.  This athletic philosophy can be applied in all aspects of life which is what Friedman and Webb teach readers in “The Athletic Mindset.”  This book can be used to teach managers and executives how to be more effective communicators and leaders while empowering employees and improving corporate moral.

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