Raising Smart & Kind Kids: The Toddler Years

Raising Smart & Kind Kids: The Toddler Years (77 Ways to Parent Series Book 10)





Research has shown that parents and caregivers of toddlers respond to their children at the rate of once every four minutes! So you might as well use these “teaching moments” to assist with brain development and problem-solving skills, instead of correcting, criticizing or becoming angry.

Parent educator, Judy Helm Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, has worked with families for 25 years. As Mom to six adult children and Gram-Cracker to ten grandchildres, she brings humor, skills and great ideas to parents internationally. In this book you will find a minimum of 47 ways to increase your toddler’s language skills. As you and your toddler become more confident in the tips and techniques, you will begin to understand the way a brain works to understand the world.

While many parents will find these tips common sense, Wright’s experience has shown that common sense is not that common. Many parents were not parented themselves and so need suggestions of what to do in teaching and nurturing situations.

As a village, we need to share our resources, ideas and assistance to make sure all children receive the opportunity to blossom and enhance their natural abilities. Please add comments and reviews on ideas that have worked in your family. Help other parents to know alternatives to television and video games.

Thanks for doing such an important work in raising children who are Resilient, Respectful and Responsible.