Raising Smart & Kind Kids: The Preschool Years (77 Ways to Parent Series Book 11)

Raising Smart & Kind Kids: The Preschool Years (77 Ways to Parent Series Book 11)




Raising Smart & Kind Kids: The Baby Years are the most productive time to connect, communicate and create a smart and kind kid. Infant development experts (and I am one) believe that the first years of a child’s life are prime for learning and grasping concepts that will enhance the rest of their lives.

You don’t need classical music, fancy flash card or expensive toys. You and your child need YOU.

Talk, sing, read together daily. Laugh, giggle and cuddle daily. It is this interaction with the important loving adults in the life of a child that matters most.

Sometimes it is hard to think of fun things to talk, sing and read about when you are exhausted from being up all night with a fussy baby. That is one of the reasons, I have created these small booklets to remind you of simple and effective methods to connect with your baby.

Early childhood education is a foundation for a love of learning. Most of the activities are common sense and easy to do. However, in my career as a parent educator, I have found that common sense in not that common. Most of us need reminders.

Many parents were not well parented and so lack the confidence and don’t trust their intuition on working with their baby. You will find many tips and techniques that will enhance your connection and will soon seem second nature to you.

Sometimes just a tweak to the way you express yourself when correcting a misbehavior, can turn a punishment or shame into a step of acceptance and learning experience. It isn’t changing everything, it is simply adding a new dimension of modeling a more loving way.

As you think of new ways to “Raise a Smart & Kind Kid” you will feel inspired and confident in your parenting skills. Your child will feel secure and grounded in your love and acceptance.

I want you to know that as “Auntie Artichoke” (which means a wise woman who loves unconditionally) that I have full confidence in you and your baby.

These children being born now were exposed to technology in the womb. They are born with a knowing and a different view of the world. Many have been called “Indigo Children”,” Stars”, “Heros” or “Crystal Kids.”

The most important title or label they have is “mine.” They are yours to love, honor, cherish, teach and learn from. They are precious to you and other caring adults in their circle of security and support. And they are precious to me, as are you.

I have confidence in your ability and desire to “Raise a Smart & Kind Kid.” You will do a wonderful job, and as your child has children, they will stand on your shoulders and reach even higher.

You do the most important work in the world and I love you for that.

Blessings on you and your baby, Judy Helm Wright aka “Auntie Artichoke.”