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Meika MashackMeika Mashack

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An intellectually therapeutic Relationship Specialist/Life Coach and Radical Speaker at several career and women empowering events, Meika Mashack is one of the most applauded in her field.The culmination of her unique background ranges from 15 years of counseling women in relationships, to over 12 years of working with collegiate/professional male athletes. Additionally, Meika Mashack spent 10 years as a corporate Professional Development Trainer and clinician for Fortune 500 Companies in California. Along with many other Speaking/Teaching opportunities, she has spent the last 5 years of mentoring executive women transitioning from corporate positions to business ownership. Through her amazing journey she established Coaching Without Walls as a central home where professional women can assemble to seek shelter from the ghastly factors hindering their relationship and career development.


As a happily married, former NCAA athlete, University of California at Berkeley graduate, business woman and host of over five hundred intensive interviews with business professionals, Meika Mashack has discovered several secrets to help professional women balance their relationships and career. Through Coaching Without Walls she provides women with a unique collection of specialized services from Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, to overall Life Coaching.


Meika Mashack’s passion for community service and women’s global empowerment as well as her experience, skills and accomplishments over the years have all made her one of the most highly sought after clinicians today. As a Corporate Trainer Nationally and Global Award Winner, she is largely recognized for her inspirational Multi-Cultural/Multi-Ethnic messages in bringing all women together for the greater good. She has also been quoted or featured on several radio shows, magazines, and articles regarding issues affecting women worldwide.


The Meika Mashack Show
Business women are constantly burdened by unending stress and career stagnation coupled with the difficulties in balancing their relationships and careers. By channeling her experience, passion and skills, Meika Mashack is on a mission to spread the word that “as women we do not have to settle,” you all have the power to dominate your career while maintaining a healthy relationship. In this vibrant, empowering and educational show, Meika illustrates how women can garner success by using their psychological well being to influence their performances in the boardroom, in their homes, and in their communities.
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