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vaishali-1000px-transparent-bckgnd - Vaishali Nikhade

About Vaishali

Vaishali is a business psychic and the go-to expert for entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to see and take control of their future in order to avoid confusion, panic and uncertainty. By marrying her science, intuition and business skills, she reveals to her clients how the outcome of different decisions will unfold in the future. Bottom line, they are able to peek in the future while being in the present time to get back on track with their business goals. For example, she prevented a client from losing an investment of $150,000 in a bad venture and helped another client get a $35,000 raise for bidding a contract. Vaishali is the host of the popular podcast 'The Uncanny link' when physics meets metaphysics or science meets 'woo' and has appeared on nearly 50 top podcasts talking about her intuitive expertise.


Your intuition goes beyond your five senses and tells you what's going on....ignoring it is like racing a car through a red light hoping not to get hit....Join me on my podcast 'The Uncanny Link' where I talk about the subtleties of intuition with real life examples…