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About Tina


As the founder of TB Consulting, Tina Boson prides herself on meeting everyone where they are and developing plans that are intriguing while developing the desired goals. She has the ability of utilizing her MBA degree in HR in conjunction with her Masters degree in Christian leadership to merge a plan that meets the professional needs as well as emotional and spiritual development. Tina has worked in several different work environments including Healthcare, Finance, Oil & Gas as well as Logistics and Distribution Services. Likewise, she maintained her strong involvement within the community mentoring and offering employment coaching, spiritual guidance, and marriage counselling. She is totally motivated by the comfort in knowing that she has helped to change someone's outlook on life by the end of each day.

TB Consulting also has a team that consists of over 30 years of career coaching and family counselling. They have developed several trainings, courses, and webinars covering topics such as leadership skills, communication techniques, relationship building skills, personal project management, interviewing skills, performance management and many more. These trainings can be in person on a one on one basis or in a group setting as well as virtually or remotely.

Tina Boson and the Consulting team are driven and motivated by the comfort in knowing that they have helped to change someone's outlook on life by the end of each day. Moreover, their efforts and outside of the box approach is empowering the lives of those that they encounter and all of the people that are connected to them. So contact a consultant and start the work towards reaching your greatest potential today!