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Teejay Dowe | The Women's Information Network

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From 4 yrs old I truly believed I was not good enough. I had no confidence or self worth and was painfully shy. I settled for second best in EVERYTHING and my life became a series of spectacular disasters. I left school at 16, I was bullied for 8 years at work, I was a single parent at 19 and my relationships were disasters including my marriage.

At 38 my life tipped all over the floor. In hindsight, a gift that allowed me to pick up the pieces I wanted to keep. I discovered personal development and Neuro Strategies and my life changed completely. Now I have two businesses, speak, coach and train people internationally and am on a Mission to positively impact the lives of 10 million young people globally.

Why? Because the young people of this generation have SO many more challenges than I had with my one little rubbish belief!

Am I good enough? Damn right I'm good enough! I cannot stand by and let people, especially young people grow up feeling worth-less than the fake images they see or feel measured by academic achievement and then be labelled having their confidence squashed and their dreams stolen. And WE have to make it stop!

As women we also go through all of these feelings and judgements too but when we discover who WE are, find our purpose, our voice and our confidence then WE are mightily powerful to influence the world around us.

I’m on a mission to work with women around the world to teach them the impact of the Ignition! Program so that they can share it and make a difference in their own way with the people around them.

TeeJay Dowe

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National Prosperity and Peace Ambassador for England



Teejay Dowe | The Women's Information Network

Finding Your Flow is SO important at any time in life and yet it eludes so many. Flow is not a somebody or a thing it’s a ‘state of being’. The word ‘flow’ might sound a bit soft and woolly to you but I promise it’s not. Flow is one of the most important elements for you to discover in life. Ponder this word for a moment, what does flow mean to you?

Flow is the place you find yourself when it’s challenging but not overstretching. It is a great place to be when you are being challenged with something relating to your natural gifts and talents and it’s a great skill to be able to align yourself to your flow.

When you are in flow you absolutely cannot be stressed, depressed or anxious. So why would you not want to find your flow? It’s the best way to build your mental wealth and health Being in flow helps to remove the immense pressures of juggling work, home, family, finances and just general angst - it equips you with the appropriate and positive mental state for you to take them in your stride.

When you’re in flow, you have more energy and feel exhilarated. You are motivated and have a sense of anticipation, and excitement. When in flow it’s because you are doing something that you’re naturally good at and it doesn’t take much effort. A learned behaviour or skill on the other hand, or something that’s not a natural talent, can have the opposite effect and put you out of flow.

But how do you find your flow so that you can spend more time there?

Download my free pdf “Finding Your Flow” to discover both this and how to feel more alive and exhilarated each day.