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About Tanu

I am an Artist & Speaker. Art is in my heart & words are in my thought and it is this colourful mix which drives me to innovate, reinvent and achieve much more. 

I also have an MBA and worked for a few years in an IT firm before moving to the other side of the equator to South Africa in 2012. The Philippines was our next destination before we returned back to India in 2019 for our next big career move. Upon my return, I did my 1st exhibition in India at Jawahar kala kendra, Jaipur ‘20 & followed up with few more in Delhi. Also I made a special COVID #Art which featured in various media TV channels including #Zeenews. The same art is also featured in the Economic Women Forum. I have also been a part of #Professional  #speakers at the International Women Summit. 

Recently my art also got selected for an International Art Magazine which is quite popular and is certified by World Book Publishing Company, UK. I am also collaborating with Lions Club Delhi for spreading #positivity during this Covid-19. I have also been participating in various other online public forums as a guest speaker, some notable examples being .... My quest to keep getting better and elevate myself to the next level is an ongoing process. Reaching out and connecting with people who share common interests and passion has motivated me to join social platforms and I will be more than happy to make new connections and new friends who can be part of my learning journey.  


“Equality does make a difference, but individuality makes you who you are”

Ladies, Each one of us is often expected to do things according to the society however the real us wants us to do things that only we can. We are in this universe as humans who have eyes to see, ear to hear, heart to feel, legs to walk & last but not least brain to think and innovate. We have so many thoughts which are very often negative, imagine the beauty of life if we can convert these thoughts into positive.

We are all wired to win and hence we become what we think. We always think that this world is not as fair and because we are wired to win, this is how our thoughts also turn into reality.

However, once we start seeing the world in a way we want to see, realising the beauty of it despite its many scars, we realise how lovely and fascinating this universe really is. You will start seeing the colourful vividness of this world and its beings. I am hoping after reading this, you will feel a subtle change in your perspective towards the world & its beautiful people.