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sylvia henderson


About Sylvia

Former IBM and AOL manager & Organizational Development expert Sylvia Henderson, MBA, works w/executive & leadership teams and frontline staff to break siloed communications, make leadership development & training "stick", and bring strategies to intentional actions and accountability. When asked what she does she sometimes replies, "I connect dots to make larger circles", meaning she helps people connect with each other to share ideas and collaborate on actions that grow profits and help organizations thrive. 

Sylvia is co-Founder and CEO of MindTeam Solutions, Inc. Author of multiple books including "Hey, That's MY Idea!" and "Internal Masterminds", Sylvia speaks and consults on getting what is in people's heads and hearts out into the world through intentional and strategic implementation.

For "relaxation" Sylvia rides a motorcycle and rollercoasters, watches everything "Star Trek", and enjoys time with friends and her life partner of 35+ years in the DC metro area.


My message is about the power of connection, collaboration, and intentional action that Napoleon Hill calls the "power of the 3rd mind". A key part of my business is creating & certifying facilitators for our branded Idea MindTeams(r), or internal masterminds. I created a One-Page Strategic Action Plan(c) dashboard and system for organizations, leaders, and business owners for goal focus, implementation, and accountability using the system. I also teach my ideation & implementation process called IMPACT(c) to move ideas from hearts and heads to income.