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Sopheia McMorris is an Executive Wisdom Mentor, Certified Professional Transformation Life Coach, CEO, and founder of Wisdom Speaks Life… 

She specializes in using wisdom to help people master and take control of their lives. Sopheia teaches and trains people in the art of Self-Mastery.

Her clients hire her to help them create and implement their one-page Secret Success Strategy Plan for an integrated, harmonious, fulfilling life.

Sopheia has a Bachelor of Science degree in African American studies and Political Science, she is an author speaker and has spent over 20 years as a homeschool teacher.

Today Sopheia with Sopheia Speaks Wisdom offers various coaching programs and services from private 1:1 coaching to group coaching programs.


We all have that person we secretly wish we could be. That confident, authentic, carefree person that’s successful. You can be the person you want to be. Hi, I’m Sopheia with an E. with Wisdom Speaks Life. I specialize in helping women overcome anxiety. Just like I supported Sadie in being who She wanted to be. Prioritize and give Herself the gift of permission to say what She wants and needs. Living a successful life on Her terms, driving Her destiny. My mission is to help support you, to live life to your highest potential.




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