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Meet Silver Rose

About Silver


Silver Rose, CCS has sculpted a career by combining her work as a speaker, Happiness Mindset Coach, standup comic (what?!), and author. 

She grew up in a suburb of Boston. She majored in Journalism at San Diego City College and, when her family moved to Nevada, she joined them and began her meteoric career. She was Administrative Assistant to the Governor of Nevada at 23. At age 25, she owned an insurance agency and was selected as an Outstanding Young Woman of America. She was recruited by a British Media Tycoon to be his second in command including serving as Creative Director and Head of Sales. 

At the age of 36 all that success was challenged. Silver was diagnosed with clinical depression coupled with alcoholism. She was told she’d been depressed since age 5 when she’d been abused by a neighbor and kept it secret. In adulthood, she feverishly stacked up accomplishments to prove she was “okay”. In reality, she’d been hiding from the truth.

Her story, far from sad, is a story of triumph over circumstances. Through hard work and determination, she slowly and surely began the recovery process. Along the way, she acquired useful knowledge, much of it surprising and all of it practical. In all her work, she reveals the tools and techniques she uncovered as she moved from “depressed” to “un-depressed” and ultimately to “happy.”

Silver is the author of several books including Change Your Focus; Improve Your Outlook, The Comedians’ Quote Book, and The (Incredibly Useful) Book of Delegation. She has performed comedy on over 500 stages. Her proudest accomplishment? Raising her two daughters, at-risk teens she adopted from foster care at ages 12 and 15. (They were hormones with feet!)


You deserve to be happy AND it is possible!

Mindset is at the center of experiencing a happier life; many of us never learned the practices and tools to be able to create this reality.

Being happier is possible and our right. Achieving it is a process of action and reflection.

Although each person's path has its own map, there are three elements that are at the heart of every individual happiness journey: Mindset, Physiology, and Spiritual Connection. 

More than anything, it’s important to understand that you get more of what you focus on. 

Change your focus; achieve happiness!