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About Sherry

Sherry Brier is founder and director of the largest online video library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and  motivate women to reach their highest potential. As a No.1 best selling author  she launched her latest book, DARING, DAZZLING, DIVINE: Secrets to Rock  Your Life. She is an inspirational speaker and international bestseller. As  Founder/Director of Inner Rhythm Movement Arts Institute in Marin California  for 30 years, Sherry is dance instructor, choreographer, company director  and concert producer. She is the author of DOORWAY TO ECSTASY: A  Dancer’s Initiation. She travels around the world to learn about the cultures,  dances, and lives of women around the globe. 


Sherry has also collaborated on the Amazon #1 best-seller compilation,  Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders. As an anchor for Sibyl Magazine with  a column, Living Your Magnificent Feminine Life, Sherry inspired women to  open new businesses, become professional dancers, and follow their dreams.  Her highly acclaimed message is simple: Be Daring, Be Dazzling, Be Divine. 

She inspires and encourages women and girls to allow themselves to be  seen, heard, and become the heroes of their lives. 


 I envision a world where women are courageous, inspiring, and   magnificent…where we know why we were born and we’re doing  what we love.” 



Live Daring, Dazzling, and Divine. Go beyond the new normal and discover your ‘new extraordinary!’  Uncover the secrets to living the life of your dreams by re-igniting your passion. If you are feeling  unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your life, if you look in the mirror and do not like what you see, if you  have aspirations in any field which are unmet – the videos on and the  stories in DARING DAZZLING DIVINE will guide you in an expansion of your life. You’ll find the  courage to make real change and see the real glory of who you actually are.