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About Shawna

As a trauma-informed transformational holistic healer, spiritual guide, life coach, pioneer in bioenergetics, podcast host, author, keynote speaker, and trainer, I help seekers of joy, purpose, wellbeing and fulfillment to reorient to their true north, minimize the voice of the inner critic and follow the impulse of their innermost Self. 

Learn how to overcome personal and relational conflict, embody your personal power, be the creators over your own destiny and learn how to heal and love life again when you join my online commUNITY, The Quantum SHIFT Inner Power Circle. Where I bring together heart-centered, open-minded spiritual seekers who are on a QuEST for fundamental health, happiness & harmony in life. 


​The old paradigm of living in conflict, self-doubt, lost trust, anger, fear and letting a traumatic past dictate our destiny is outdated. It is no longer enough to know that it's time for a change, but one must know HOW to embody that change so to manifest our deepest most meaningful desires from the level of creatorship. 



Its not about mindset