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About ShaRon:


Family Relationships!

Some are easy, while others have more problems and stress. Whether you're at your wits’ end or planning ahead to avoid conflict, ShaRon Rea is your Champion for Outstanding Family Relationships.

ShaRon is a Certified Life Coach focusing on Family Communication and Healthy Relationships as owner of The Whole Family Coaching. Her strong business background encompasses more than 30 years’ of experience in the fields of communication, education, childcare, government and public service. She is also a Social Emotional Learning Educator and Certified ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Trainer. ShaRon is an expert in solutions for families raising teens, co-parenting after divorce, grandparents raising grandchildren and every caregiver committed to raising happy, well-adjusted children of any age.

ShaRon welcomes her clients into a safe environment on the virtual comfy coach of No Judgment Just Love. In this private space, people relax and feel free to not only talk about their troubles, but to celebrate their successes as well. ShaRon’s coaching style is friendly, supportive and focused on your needs. She empowers you with new insights that help you discover different ways to solve challenges so you can find peace and experience the joys that life has to offer.

Once you meet ShaRon, you know without a doubt, she is a passionate woman on a serious mission to make the world a better place. She is founder, author and inspiring speaker for the global movement No Judgment. Just Love.®  whose mission is to motivate us all to live together with unconditional allowance…one courageous action at a time.

ShaRon invites you to connect with her, because peace in your family and in the world... Both are possible!    


Co-Parenting from Hurt to Healthy 

It can be difficult for many families to cope with separation or divorce. Everyone deals with their pain differently, especially children. Even though research shows that many children can adjust, that adjustment happens better when both parents are aware that managing their emotions, using intentional self-care, and learning to talk with each other in ways that create a workable co-parenting relationship are the keys.

Children need parents to cooperate with each other for the best good of everyone. And parents deserve to live with less stress by discovering how to go from conflict to concern for everyone’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. If you are struggling with life after divorce or know other women who are, I invite you to download my gift - Co-Parenting from Hurt to Healthy. Use this valuable information to move forward with 7 proven parenting tips and 3 critical secrets I will reveal, so parents can help their children thrive!

To your parenting success and your children’s happiness,

ShaRon Rea, Life and Family Coach
The Whole Family Coaching