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Sedena Cappannelli | The Women's Information Network

Ageless Living

About Sedena


Sedena C Cappannelli is an award-winning author, an Ageless Living Consultant, retreat
facilitator and a nationally recognized thought leader and lecturer on aging and transition to
many thousands who have attended AgeNation public seminars, workshops and online
programs. She is the co-producer, host and a featured presenter in the Ageless Living
Television Series airing nationally on PBS.

Sedena presents self-enhancement keynotes, programs and retreats, combining personal
empowerment, wellness and age-empowered strategies and the latest science based
information to empower individuals and audiences to achieve greater health, purpose, clarity of
vision, longevity and beauty inside out.

She integrates practical wisdom from 30 years of practice and teaching transformational
wellness in mind, body and spirit with inspiring information from her 5 best-selling, award-
winning books, including Do Not Go Quietly, winner of 9 national book awards as well as the
Gold Nautilus Award; and her personalized wellness DVD, PEP-Personal Energy Program, for
greater levels of energy, resilience and wellbeing, streamed live on GaiamTV.

As an Ageless Living Coach Sedena shares positive aging concepts and strategies for living
beyond the limited constructs we’ve been taught about aging, demonstrating that it is possible
to be vital, youthful and purposeful at any age.

She is the Co-Founder of AgeNation, a company that offers inspiration and solutions “for people
who weren’t born yesterday,” empowering them to reignite their passion, fulfill their dreams
and leave a legacy of greater promise and hope, and also co-founder of Empower New Mexico,
a 501C3 assisting the vulnerable aging population.

Sedena is a recipient of the International Visioneers’ Lifetime Achievement Award for
outstanding achievement as a Visionary Leader.

Sedena and her husband, co-author and co-founder of the various organizations listed below,
live with their dog, cat, birds and Koi in Santa Fe, New Mexico. www.AgelessLivingSeries.Com/SedenaCappannelli,,, and


It is my intention and joy to support women in navigating the uncharted waters of growing older and being our best. And to do this with a sense of aliveness, vitality, self-empowerment and resilience; regardless of age. We each have our own personal medicine to share. We are unlimited, we are ageless like the universe that we are a part of. And it is time to stand in our power, our wholeness and our beauty, inside out. Our unique feminine gifts are needed in the world now life never before.



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