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About Sam

You are faith-based and passionate about spirituality and growing yourself, your relationships and a successful career or business. But how do you align within and stand out to grow yourself and your business?

My name is Sam Rafoss and I help faith-based coaches, consultants and experts connect with their higher self to become inwardly aware and outwardly successful.

My background, knowledge and skill set are specifically ideal for spiritual and holistic experts.  Whether you are in leadership, a health coach, life coach, business coach , a consultant, or a side-gig hustler; if you are deeply spiritual and are struggling to bring this out in your practice, I can help.

I’m committed to helping you connect with your inner self and make decisions from the place of inner knowing.  It is worth the time it takes to align and thrive.   I know what it takes, because I’ve done it and continue to evolve and grow.

I’ve been where you’re at and that is why I’ve created Spiritually Guided Success to help you achieve your goals.  If you would like to chat about improving your life or business,  Click Here   for a complimentary Spiritually Guided Success Discovery Session. I look forward to talking with you!


My mission is to help you transform from the inside out and make your dreams true.