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About Rita

Imagine running your own business, being in your mid-40’s, AND then becoming an instant Mom of TWO toddlers!

Rita’s story doesn’t stop there. The following year, Rita lost her Mom to a massive heart attack, leaving her the long-distance caregiver of her aging Dad ... three thousand miles away – on top of her duties as a business owner AND new Mom. 

Her almost 40 years of working in the medical field certainly did NOT prepare her for all the intricacies and emergencies she was now facing in her professional and personal life. 

Not even the experience of knowing how to perform life saving measures as part of the trauma flight team, could prepare her for all the complications of running a busy massage practice, being an adoptive Mom, and long-distance caregiver to her Dad.

Talk about stressed out! The good news is she has created a simple and practical way of creating calm in the midst of high stress chaos. Are you ready to find the calm in your chaos?


I love helping busy women find simple tools to keep feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and stress overload away. My mission is to create a community of women helping each other stress less and live happier.