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Meet Nina Venturella

About Nina


Nina lives as an entrepreneur. She spent 26 of those years in the weight loss and wellness industry, helping people lose weight and achieve health and wellness through her company, Majestic Wellness Academy.

Nina has traveled the world touching and changing lives through her dynamic ability to inspire change and coach people through their problems to a better tomorrow with her extensive background in franchising, coaching and writing, Nina has been known to take people from zero to hero, with their authority for books and IP( Intellectual Property) She has innovated and created many proprietary processes that has gone global and became household names. She is featured in some of the most prominent magazines, including Americas Best Coaches , Yahoo finance, and many others.

She is known as Chief Creative Strategist with the Million Dollar Book Launch Program.


Every woman has amazing gold in them and when that gold is discovered it is part of their destiny and purpose in life.  It is part of their God given destiny of what they are called to carry and impact others with.  Some of us just need to find it, others have it but it just needs polishing and others have it, know it and are shining brightly.