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About Nicholeen


When it comes to parenting, Nicholeen Peck is a worldwide phenomenon and industry leader — and for a good reason! Her proven system based upon calmness, the principles of self-government, and excellent communication transforms even the most out-of-control teenagers and homes from chaos to calm within days. The world witnessed this in 2009 when the Peck family was featured on a one hour BBC documentary about parenting where 2 troubled British teens came to say in their home for 8 days. After 2 days the teens stopped rebelling, and by the end of the program begged not to leave the Peck family. She has appeared on various news shows and radio programs and is a popular public speaker, columnist, and author. She also serves as President of the Worldwide Organization for Women (an approved consultant for the United Nations). Nicholeen spends most of her time at home with her husband and four children, which she knows will be her greatest impact and legacy. The fact that she has such an international influence while still being a stay-at-home mom is evidence of the effectiveness of her teachings. Learn more about her mission and methods at


Teaching Self-Governance


Teaching Self-Government frees families from emotional bondage by inspiring parents to create family environments centered around calm, self-governed and unified relationships; thereby empowering these families to be a great impact for good in the world.

It’s hard to stay calm when you are under pressure and dealing with the stresses of raising children and living in our fast-paced world. In this class we will understand the power and potential of strong-willed people, and talk about how parents and children can tap into the power called 'being calm.' We will role play how to calm both yourself and your child down at the same time without having to lose your control. The first step to great parenting is getting yourself ready for the hard times which will inevitably come. Prepare for that future by listening and learning the power of calm. This six step calming process works for any relationship even though this class specifically addresses parents and children.