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About Natiya


Natiya McFadden is a passionate speaker, author and mentor. She is known for her love for God and her family, being a profound speaker, and an amazing writer.  Her podcast, blogs, and books are inspiring  mothers, teens, and families around the world. Supporting and educating parents on how to create healthy homes using the pillars of health and wellness have led to many happy and united families.

Natiya holds a doctorate degree in naturopathy through the United Kingdom, and practices healthy living from the inside out.  She is a holistic parent, teen, and family life coach, small business, health, and wellness consultant for women and mothers at NBE Coaching & Consulting Co​. As a small business consultant, she enjoys being a virtual administrator, and project manager along with content writing, editing, and narration for fun.

Natiya absolutely loves God and her family. She has a servant’s heart, beautiful smile, and wisdom beyond her years. Natiya lives in Greater Columbus, Ohio with her husband and their five beautiful children.



Women, you are built to endure while drowning, encourage while fainting, and restore when you’re breaking. Moms keep sharing those words of wisdom that light the paths of their lives. The impact you’re leaving is spilling over into pots you don’t know about. 

Wives, you serve and organize when you have nothing left. You’ve felt tolerated and not celebrated but your light keeps shining. If you fit each category, you must make time to remove the titles and care for the woman that you are underneath every role that you fulfill.