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About Monette

My expertise in the area of human resources has provided me with the necessary skills to educate women entrepreneurs about setting goals, managing people, and identifying leaders within their organization. My passion is for empowering women in business and motivating them to pursue business growth opportunities. I will do whatever it takes to inspire women to build meaningful relationships and plot their own path to success. 


Business Women’s Community (BWC) is a networking group for women in business that focuses on educating and empowering women. BWC has been a vehicle for partnering with nonprofits to facilitate increased donations. These NPs focus on supporting women who have experienced trauma. I, too, have experienced the trauma of abuse. I know how powerful women can become if they change their attitudes and beliefs. I am happy that Business Women’s Community has become a bridge to work with both seasoned and budding women entrepreneurs to help them excel in business and move to the next level.


As a development and training consultant, I am ready to devote my experience and energy toward supporting and helping those who want to pinpoint their life passions and personal strengths to bring clarity to their goals and purpose, focusing on who they want and deserve to become in the future. I am a partner who steers people, especially women, toward recognizing their gifts.


I encourage them to quiet the inner voice that says, “Maybe that’s not what you’re destined to become or do” and take advantage of life’s greatest growth opportunities. 


I continuously search for opportunities to make a difference in other women’s lives and part of this is partnering with women in business. I love coaching women who are ready to pivot and take the next step towards a different, exciting, sometimes scary stage in their lives. 


While others can bring us happiness at times true joy comes from within. Inspiration is often the same. It comes from inside of us and is only sparked by outside sources that we see and hear. 


Sometimes we need to get creative with the way we look for inspiration. It's literally everywhere, but it can be missed in the bustle of our lives. To move away from our ordinary perspectives a little bit of a shakeup could be necessary. Often just a small action or a change in perspective can help us experience the world in a whole new way.


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