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Meet Melisa Keenan

About Melisa


Melisa Keenan is an international Feminine Intimacy Coach, Visionary and Keynote Speaker.  She is the trailblazer of a movement of women who pursue the fullest experience of life by embodying intimacy, and leading with their feminine in both business and marriage. While only three short years ago she was a stay-at-home-mother of her four children without a penny to spare, the exponential growth and success of her business makes her an inspiration to heart-centered entrepreneurs everywhere.

Melisa’s power lies in her ability to heal and claim joy for both herself and others, through the tremendous life experience she has overcome. Her and her husband, CJ, with their four children Elisagrace, Christopher, Daily Abundance and Evelyn-Joy can be found dancing, singing, working and praying at their hobby-ranch in Northern Nevada.  Melisa will be featured in an upcoming Wall Street Journal Bestseller book, The Younger Self Letters: How Successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs Turned Trials into Triumph, which will be coming out this June!


For years I struggled to create the intimacy that I desperately longed for and rejected my femininity. I sat in the victim seat blaming my husband for not filling my cup. One day, as our marriage was dangling from a thread, I decided that no matter what my husband did, I would have the life and intimacy of my dreams and start creating it now! I fully surrendered to my feminine, my truth. I now experience intimacy in all that I am and all that I do. We really can have it all.