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maria salazar


About Maria

Maria Salazar is a Certified Lifestyle and Health Coach graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition IIN, NY.

Hello! I am Maria, Body Freedom Coach. I inspire women to break free from the obsession about physical perfection. Eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and compulsive as well as compensatory behaviors are some of the issues that I help you to heal and move forward through coaching and education. I teach you the practices and routines based on a lifestyle that is sustainable for you, focusing on your bio individuality, personality and biochemistry to cover all of your needs. It's your custom made suit.


Mantra: Be the best version of you!. 

The education we received, what we see at home, what we perceived from our mother, our social and cultural impact. All of this influences dramatically the perception of our worth and self-esteem.

My performance in this area has enabled many women to live from a place of self-love and fullness with her body.

Just as I help families learn healthier eating habits for the proper development and functioning of their children.

In Mexico, I’ve been awarded by "The National Women's Chamber" as the Most Influential Wellness Coach 2019.

My participation has been very active on radio and television such as Cadena Internacional tv and other alternative media.

I was a speaker at the World Wellness Weekend San Miguel de Allende covering topics such as: How to prevent diseases and heal yourself by changing your environment.

With the workshops and talks I want to change the conversation and re-define the issue of beauty in the world.

Being a firm believer that “Beauty Sickness" is a growing social and cultural epidemic. This phenomenon is what prevents women of all ages from living from a place of happiness, power, acceptance and strength. This seriously affects our society, family and relationships.


A woman in her power is a light to the word. 

As women we carry the energy of love, compassion, nurture & healing. 

We are creative and Inspirational beings and we are here to do great things. To pursue our passions and dreams.

We cannot do this if we are disconnected from ourselves. Self- love and Self respect is from where we want to live our lives.

We must tap into our own divinity. 

Our lifestyle, the choices we make everyday whether they are conscious or unconscious.

The way we treat our bodies, the food we eat, the way we move our bodies, our thoughts and feelings, all these is creating our reality and

have a direct impact on our physical, mental and emotional health.

Not everyone can eat the same, not everyone should do the same type of exercise because we are all different and we have different needs, 

depending on our bio-individuality and our bio-chemistry that’s why no diet plan ever works!.

Let me guide you to find the road map, the lifestyle based on YOUR needs to live a better, healthier and happier life. 

Let’s do this together!

With love,




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