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mari-lyn harris

Mari-lyn Harris | The Women's Information Network

About Mari-Lyn

Mari-Lyn Harris is the Chief Kindness Officer at Heart@Work. Delivering Happiness.

What’s important to her, Making A Difference M.A.D. She Founded Heart@Work to help leaders to adopt kindness in their business as an investment to create higher performing organizations.

Her experience led her to turning around toxic workplaces to become productive, profitable and healthier places to be in, as well as helping people to become happier.

The ROI, Return on Investment, kindness offers workplaces higher productivity, less friction with teams, better communication and all-around cooperative workplaces.

She serves heart-centered, socially conscious Entrepreneurs who are depressed, feel stressed out, perhaps not good enough and may even face some other mental health challenges.

As a catalyst, by empowering women to see new possibilities by having specific, clear insights so you can love yourself, be rejuvenated, uplifted and happier.

She’s CBT Counselor, Hypnotist and a great listener. Mari-Lyn discovered from her own experiences of being bullied, depressed and stressed, finding that being happy is a choice.