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About Lori


Lori Anne is an award-winning author, digital nomad, certified life coach and spiritual mentor for women learning to answer their inner call. She spent the first four decades of her life people-pleasing, ignoring her intuition, and finding ever more creative ways to undervalue herself and deny her innate gifts. Tired of feeling drained, unappreciated, and watching her dreams die, she walked away – without a backup plan or safety net. She began traveling, writing, and dedicating her life to discovering, listening to, and expressing her inner calling and personal truth every day and in every way.

What she has experienced is both personal and universal as she moved through the stages of facing fears, releasing old patterns, and claiming her personal power to bring her Self back into sacred alignment. The rewards have been inspiring work, increasing self esteem and confidence, feeling fully alive and living a life worth talking about when she’s too old to keep traveling.

Today, Lori Anne mentors women all over the world who are daring to say "yes" to their inner callings and bring their brightest and best gifts to the world. To learn more, check out her website at