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Linda Pringle-Evans


About Linda Pringle-Evans

Linda Pringle Evans is the founder and president of Pringle Business Consulting, LLC. a full service branding and pr agency. Linda is known for her signature system "Discovering Your Brand D.N.A." providing strategies and solutions for identifying what differentiates your unique brand to stand out with distinction. Linda fully understands a brand is to provide distinction from your competition. Helping clients to identify what gaps within her industry that she's capable to fulfill with confidence owning her worth and expertise. She is result driven and analytical, therefore providing brand and pr strategies that make your brand highly visible, profitable, different, distinctive, credible, memorable, valuable, much respected and paid premium fees. She's ambitious for seeking to provide prestigious services for emerging female entrepreneurs desiring to grow their revenue high 6 figures or more. In addition, she assists  professional women in real estate, corporations and small - mid sized business owners seeking to expand their brands and services.

Whether you're re-evaluating an existing brand, planning an exciting new launch, need help with brand reputation management, refreshing a solid revenue driver to maintain relevance or considering a total re-brand, Linda and her team provides decades of expertise for what makes your Brand D.N.A. really profitable and ongoing customer attracting magnets for success.

If you are not aware of what sets you apart you blend in with everyone else. Discover what differentiates you and stand out with distinction. This will make you a huge success in your industry. Allow Linda to help you identify your differentiators and how to position you in the marketplace

Linda is a wife, mother and grandmother who believes putting God first and family second. Always remember, "you are a not apologize for who you are!"


The Power of Personal Branding

Linda PB Ebook

About "The Power of Personal Branding"

What are people saying about you when you are not in the room? That's a powerful question Jeff Bezos of Amazon shared during a talk. Don't leave it up for others to define your personal brand.

I have created this e-book to help you discover and define your personal brand. My question for you "what do you want to become known for?" Believe me that question will help you to discover and define your brand.

This e-book serves as a training and tool to help maximize the power of YOU! There are 3 amazing benefits of building a personal brand. It's my intention for you to take your first steps toward perfecting your personal brand and you will learn some actionable tactics you can employ immediately in order to start becoming more memorable within your industry/niche and grow your network. These actionable steps include advice on how branding makes you memorable, branding makes you an authority and branding makes you more money. In addition, there are thought provoking questions to help you discover the power of personal branding.

The e-book is definitely your GPS for creating your powerful personal brand. If you should require additional assistance email me:

I'm ready to assist you with self discovery of your unique brand!

I would love to hear from you, please send me comments sharing your experience from
reading and answering the questions.