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Kimberly Wieflyn | The Women's Information Network

About Kimberly


Kimberly Wiefling is a Silicon Valley innovator & serial entrepreneur. She launched her transformational consulting business, Wiefling Consulting, during the dot com bust and never looked back! A physicist by education, she recognized long ago the crucial role of human skills – what her engineering friends sometimes call “the touchy feely crap”.

Kimberly has worked with people from over 50 different countries. She helps her clients fail for NEW & MORE EXCITING REASONS by turning common SENSE into common PRACTICE. Her book, Scrappy Project Management, has gotten her invited to speak to global Project Management Institute (PMI) audiences globally. Her focus on globalizing Japanese companies has resulted in over 100 visits to Japan to work with over 50 Japanese companies. Now she works globally with the colleagues she met through that work, Silicon Valley Alliances.

NEVER BORING! Her keynotes and workSHOCKs enable people to make positive changes to overcome the predictable & avoidable leadership, team & organizational culture issues that damage or destroy organizations. If you can replace an experience with Kimberly with a video, she has failed you!


What seems "impossible", but if it WERE possible, would transform your life, your work, Our World for the better? And what might make "impossible" possible? Those are the questions that we must ask ourselves in order to create a NEW future, where our goals and dreams become reality. It's not difficult! In fact, the #1 obstacle to achieving our dreams is our lack of willingness to hope for and commit to them in the absence of any evidence that they are possible, and without immediately knowing HOW. It's simple (but not easy)!