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Karen Urbaneck

About Karen

Karen Urbanek is an entertaining, science-based educator on fire to help the world get back to the basics of health! Having grown up on medications for epilepsy, Karen was motivated to remove all pharmaceuticals from her life.  She became epileptic free and further studied to become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.  An accomplished author, speaker, motivator and mother to eleven, Karen’s passion for the human body and the science of life is felt by all! Karen and her family ran two wellness centers, organic grocery stores and organic cafes before Karen became the President of the International Institute of Holistic Health and Education.

Karen knows first-hand just how powerful the body is and how quickly it can heal if properly understood from a cellular level. Her self-discovery has become her life-calling; a passion that has helped thousands of people heal their bodies, their spirits and share with their own families. She wants that joy, ease and vibrant energy that comes with amazing health for everyone, which is why she devoted her life to teaching others the science of the body.  Her teaching style is engaging, easy-to-comprehend and entertaining motivating everyone who hears her to make changes in their own lives.

Karen is the author of two bestselling books and the creator of the prestigious Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Certification course, which teaches more than 120 natural modalities of healing, diets from around the world, electromagnetic frequencies, all about detoxifying and reversing dis-ease in the body and more! Karen's TNC Certification has impacted thousands and is more than a coaching program.  It is science, biology, and education from not only Karen who is a sought-after Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, but her fellow colleagues - doctors around the globe. Her favorite title and accomplishment however, is MOM.

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Looking to make simple changes to bring about complex benefits to your health? We got this! There are millions of people who have changed to an alkalizing diet and now feel amazing! Husbands, wives, and children enjoy drinking ph-raising smoothies in the morning and eating more fresh living produce throughout the day, Why?  BECAUSE THEY FEEL GREAT!  The body can rebuild bones, organs and muscles from the nutrients you eat, every minute you are alive.  It is proven that a high pH in the body creates a dis-ease free environment.  In our own family, sickness is not present as we maintain high pH levels.  Scientifically, you can NOT get sick with a high pH! Cancer cannot be found in a high pH, arthritis does not form in a high pH, and osteoporosis diminishes all together in a high pH body.  A high pH is the ticket to your health freedom!  Get EXCITED!

Enjoy my free e-book explaining how acids form in the body (all disease is acid related), how to turn your body into an alkaline heaven for cells, where minerals really come from, and how pH is the measuring stick of your health. Try this experiment with me: Breathe in and hold your breath for 3 seconds……Congratulations! You just created 5 MILLION new cells!  300 million cells are created every single minute in your body. Just so you have an idea about cell size, ten thousand plant minerals fit into one red blood cell.  So although you just created millions of new cells, you need to help feed them what it takes to survive. Every single cell is depending on you and your food choices. And don’t worry! High pH food TASTES GREAT!  Great health? You got this! Now Eat as Though Your Life Depended on it… DOES!