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About Karen


Karen Palmer is a mom who made a wish that sparked a kindness revolution. She has gone from homeless to becoming a Global Kindness Leader and Internationally known educator. She is designs musical coloring books, games, and toys to help co-create a kinder world.

Karen is the founder of Globalkindness Going Viral and The Puppy Love Revolution. She combines ancient wisdom, modern science, and technology to raise the levels of compassion, gratitude, kindness, and Peace On Earth. Karen is known as @MindfulMediaMom and Miss Kindness on all social media.
Karen is a Spokesperson, Livestream and Social Media Expert for many large organizations. She is a best-selling author and co-produces several popular online talk shows. She helps change agents and peacemakers find their voice, and share their message and gifts globally. Karen is a professional recording artist of conscious music.


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