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About Jeannine

As the CCO and Founder of 'Illuminate Your Dreams', I get to carry out my mission and be a champion for women and girls everywhere by supporting their desire to fulfill a lifetime of dreams.  As women we are forever discovering, creating, and seeking to live the life of our dreams.  This is why I founded a community called ‘Illuminated Women’ where we remind each other that we are 'Women with a Purpose'! 

I am proud to be a partner with Prevent Suicide - Greater Milwaukee, Mental Health America - Wisconsin, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and political constituents to change policies affecting mental health. I use these platforms to educate audiences on practical skills to enhance self-esteem, build confidence as well as the importance of reaching out for help when there really struggling.

I work  to simulate a positive change in the lives of women everywhere by  helping them unlock the key to their confidence and power. 


I am proud to be a seasoned survivor that is living each day of my life to the fullest. After surviving a suicide attempt at the age of 21, I fiercely work each day to conquer the same emotional challenges that led me to that dark point. I view obstacles as an opportunity to become stronger, more fierce and also a way to fuel  determination.



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