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About Jaclyn

Jaclyn “Jacque” Zoccoli, has built her life around the “Excitement of Awareness”. Her major is in “ah-ha”. As a Catalyst for Spontaneous Combustion, she has crafted her own experiences to be the spark that ignites new perspectives and paradigm shifts, all causing new results.

Early years in the Peace Corps in Africa, started the love of cultural diversity. Maneuvering the corporate ladder brought a respect for the machines of big business, and then an avoidance of their hierarchical control. Jacque’s own companies brought her to the business world and a thirst to combine cultural diversity, individuality, and collaboration into a meaningful offering to society.

After creating over 14 networking groups in Northern California, Jacque took on coaching of businesspeople to allow them to more effectively network, more on purpose. Through her Jumpstart Program, hidden alliances are uncovered in databases, then a strategy and workbook are provided to convert those alliances into Word of Mouthpieces.

The Excitement of Awareness has finally manifested itself into her efforts globally and locally, in Arizona. She now offers a formula for relationship building, by first uncovering self-esteem, then building commonalities into a cohesive process to maximize collaboration and produce the GLOW (Guided Love of Wholeness).

In the business world, Jacque is the coach, the Word of Mouth Strategist, the author and speaker. In the global arena, she is a Collaboration Specialist and Influence Broker. All add up to means to increase love, prosperity and peace worldwide.



“To learn, to love, to give – for these three things are why I live.”

My age justifies my wisdom, my developed clarity teaches the Excitement of Awareness, igniting the spark of action and change.

The ultimate resource known to women is their ability to apply their inner strength in collaboration with others, for a combined increase in love, prosperity and peace globally. Through the Excitement of Awareness, Jaclyn spotlights profitable alliances and partners. A strategy for engagement then assures success. Awareness leads to uncovering hidden database contacts, plus exploring the thousands of awaiting social media partners. The Excitement of self, leads to Awareness of others, thus learning how to activate the spark of action and change.


Building Alliance Teams