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About Gina


I’m Gina Longo, a leadership consultant and human factors trainer. I’m also a former airline Captain and flight instructor, as well as a 4-time international bestselling co-author.
In addition, I’m the founder of Gina Longo Consulting and the creator of The Calmfident Leadership™ System.
Unfortunately, many professional women find themselves feeling frustrated, undervalued, and unappreciated, and I know how discouraging it can be when you give your best to help your team succeed but you still don't get recognized and rewarded for your efforts.
If this is you, don’t worry… you’re in the right place.
I help elite corporate and business leaders who work in high-stakes, high-pressure environments, and what I do with my private clients is you and I sit down and we figure out how to solve the problems that are holding you back and keeping you from getting the results you want.
I’m passionate about three things: German Shepherds, British history, and sharing the concepts of what we in the aviation industry call Crew Resource Management, or CRM—also known as human factors—with the business world.
CRM, which forms the foundation of Calmfident Leadership™, is the system that pilots use to (among other things) lead calmly and confidently, build effective teams fast, communicate with both in-flight and remote colleagues, handle conflict, and make decisions… preferably good ones.
I’m best known for travelling solo for three years around the UK in a touring caravan with my two German Shepherds, and for using my nearly 15 years of leadership experience as an airline Captain and instructor to help business leaders get the results, raises, and recognition they deserve.
And my key promise is this: leaders are made, not born… and you’re never more than one short step away from being the calm, confident leader who gets results.


You have the right stuff to be a leader.


You know what it takes.

Calm confidence.

But maybe someone else thinks you’re not ready—or not right—for leadership.

Maybe someone else thinks you should stay locked in your little box… because the thought of you succeeding as a confident, capable leader intimidates them.

But what THEY think doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is what YOU think… then what you DO to reach your goals.

Dream big. Then do.



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