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Emily  Eldredge


About Emily

Emily Eldredge is a Leader Healer and the creator of The New Self emPowerment® - a very simple yet incredibly powerful system that teaches you how to heal your inner struggles, honor your inner powers, and fully live your Truth.

She has discovered that within us are 3 “emPowers”, who empower us to live our Truth.  She also discovered the 3 “exPower” types, which block us from fully living that Truth.  Her ground-breaking Drawing Out Process® heals our exPowers and unlocks the clarity, love, and wisdom of emPowers.  When we honor our emPowers and heal our exPowers, we are fully "emPowered" to live our Truth!

Emily’s work has been hailed as "genius", "exhilarating", "brilliant", "a miracle worker", "a truly life-changing experience", and "up there with sliced bread - really good ideas that spread all over the world".  Her mission is to heal humanity.

She speaks at venues around the world, including the United Nations, British Parliament, and the very first TEDx in a prison.  As a Leader Healer, she works privately with leaders of all kinds.  As a mentor, she supports young leaders in every corner of the globe.  Emily lives in New York City.

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How to Honor Your emPowers
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The New Self emPowerment®
Online Program

The New Self emPowerment® is a surprisingly simple yet incredibly powerful system whose ground-breaking discoveries and life-changing techniques empower you to feel more free, whole, and at peace, and to fully live your Truth!
It teaches you about your 3 “emPowers”, whose purpose is to empower you to live your Truth.  It also teaches you how to heal the 3 types of “exPowers" that block you from living your Truth.  When you honor your emPowers and heal your exPowers, you are fully empowered to live your Truth!