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About Dr. Annika

About Dr. Annika


Dr Annika Sörensen, Medical Doctor with 30 years in Swedish Primary Health Care System. Today she works in her own company, AskDrAnnika, where she has changed focus from disease to calm and health promotion emphasizing on stress management strategies, preventive medicine, workplace health and other business-related issues. 


Dr Annika is today mentoring busy Business Leaders to find calm, feel less stress, get more done, have more fun and create bigger success! She is providing her services through speaking, mentoring, workshops, the books and soon to be an online course. She is an international speaker, officially certified by The Big Talk Academy, and has 2x TEDx talks, about stress and health. She is also the author of two top rated books on stress management “Take Stress from Chaos to Calm” and “My De-Stress Diary.” 


Dr Annika is married to the same man for 35 years and has 3 grown up daughters. They have raised them to be courteous and independent women, one musician, one in economics and one medical doctor. She also has a beautiful darling granddaughter of 3,5 years. This gives lots of good girl-power in her family! She loves to listen to music (classical-ish), read novels, travel to meet people from all over the globe and doing textile handicraft. She even has an exam in hand-looming.



Stress is part of life – you can´t run away from it. You need to become friends with it instead – and the first step is by taking a deep breath and taking a break. Then you take a step back and look at your situation from “the outside of you” and you will see what needs to be done. Then seek ways to do it!