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About Dale


A Certified Master Trainer in Human Behaviour, Certified Emotional Intelligence coach and Certified Virtual Presenter, Dale Choquette is an expert in human relationships. She knows how important it is to understand different personalities to avoid misunderstandings and conflict. She shows team leaders how to get their teams actually communicating with each other so they can avoid conflict, high turnover and lack of accountability.

A marathon runner and golf enthusiast Dale spent over 20 years in the corporate world. She worked with 5 different teams and saw the challenges of bringing people together to strive toward a shared goal. She realized that each one of us has a different personality and communication style, and a different set of behaviors for coping with conflict. Even with the best of intentions, efforts often get sidelined because we don’t hear one another and connect. This happens in our personal lives as well.

Dale says: “My own frustrations motivated me to seek solutions, to find better ways to connect with my teammates. When I became a Certified Master Trainer in Human Relationships with Personality Insights, I found the power to bridge the communication gap and work more effectively with my colleagues. In 2007, I began turning that know- how into a rewarding career. I want to share that power with you.”

Dale wants to re-humanize business and believes that as women, we have a major role to play in doing that.


It takes courage to have empathy. As women we have that courage. Don’t hide your emotional intelligence, use it to rise up.