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cheryl okoli


About Cheryl

I am a lady full of life and an ardent change agent both professionally and in my personal life. I always knew that one can always do “more” and that we do not always have to accept the status quo. My upbringing and faith instilled the desire and thirst to always strive for excellence and achieve it in ways that are full of integrity and loving to my fellow man.

I am blessed to have lived on three continents. The city of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada heard my first cries, my birthplace, and I spent my toddlerhood there. I later moved to Nigeria for my formative years and then was catapulted to Qatar, in the Middle East where I spent my teenage years. The city of Fredericton, New Brunswick, welcomed me back to Canada as a young adult, for my university, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of New Brunswick and I worked there for a year immediately after graduation. I then moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I acquired my Master’s of Science in Nursing Degree with a speciality in Leadership and Management at Walden University and I have practiced professionally there ever since. I am currently completing my doctoral studies in health administration at A.T. Still University. The global trotting experiences (including places of interest, and to be precise, all continents but Antarctica and Australia) exposed me to various cultures and religions. Some of these experiences also heightened my ability to understand various cultural nuances specifically for individuals of North American, African, Arab, and Pakistani/Indian descent for their holistic needs. My professional and health care practice experience has been only in the Canadian
health care system.

My career path has been very interesting from the front-lines (Geriatric rehab, the operating room), Nursing Practice Instructor at the University of Calgary, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Home Care, Director of Care of a supportive/long-term care facility, a consultant at an accreditation organization, and for a private owner for an independent/continuing care facility.

Thoughts of having my own business was sparked in 2012, but it was only in 2014 that I took some tangible steps to get that started on a casual basis as I realized that the public’s awareness of uterine fibroids is lacking. This business has morphed to encompass
administrative services as well. I have two main professional passions- women’s health and developing healthy workplaces. I desire to help women by advocating and empowering them to
take control of symptomatic uterine fibroids. Delivering conflict resolution workshops and serving as a consultant for organizational development are services that I also provide. I will be honoured to assist you if you need any of these services.

Motto: Advocating for, and Empowering Clients, one at a time! Detecting gaps, plugging them, and even better preventing gaps, leads to increased organizational productivity. Early detection and intervention lead to decreased suffering for health issues.