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cassandra schmigotzki

about Cassandra Schmigotzki

About Cassandra


For all of Cassandra's life she knew that she was meant to help others but never HOW.  She volunteered for everything she was interested in but never truly felt fulfilled. In 2013, Cassandra came across a diabetes prevention study and qualified to participate in the full study, that included 2 years of a popular weight loss program. While losing weight, she uncovered that the very thing she'd been avoiding her whole life was her passion and purpose. Cassandra is a Wellness Coach, guiding and inspiring other women to (re)gain control of their health so they can live out their dreams with their families.


I've worked with women just like you to feel better and learn to honestly love and appreciate the body they've been given. It IS possible to honestly love your body in today's photo-shopped world; I can't wait to help show you how!



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