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About Audrey

Audrey’s story is inspiring to those who want to have a positive outlook even when things don’t look so positive.   Her own story fuels her focus of redefining self-care and asking for help. Her passion is Professional Coaching. Through her unique Core Energy approach, she partners with clients to teach them about energy level awareness and how they can use it to improve how they show up in and out of the workplace. 

She is the founder of Audrey Unlimited, a company that she started to offer services that highlights her expertise and passions. She is a certified Project Manager Professional, certified Professional Coach and Speaker. 

Audrey is currently a Vice President at Morgan Stanley.  Her Career as an Executive and Project Manager Practitioner involves building processes, collaborating with teams and working on projects that deliver technology solutions. With the exception of working in Philadelphia for a short while, her career has been working on Wall Street at Exchanges and at an investment bank.

Audrey is a native New Yorker who now resides in Pennsylvania, in the US. Her downtime involves spending time with her family, being active in her church ministries, and embracing her new grandmother role.    

Message:  It's OK to make it about you and feel unlimited.