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Anna Nordengren Win - Anna Nordengren


About Anna

Anna Nordengren is a leadership and mindset coach helping high achieving professionals boost their quality of life without giving up their ambitious goals. She has an Executive MBA and 25 years’ experience in being a business leader herself. She is also a certified ICF-coach and a certified yoga teacher.

Her philosophy is a combination of leadership theory, motivation, positive psychology and neuroscience, all rooted in a mindful awareness of us being human beings with an infinite potential.

Anna believes in a higher good and that we all have what it takes to make a difference in the world. Her mission is to inspire and help people around the world to make the changes they are longing for so that they can live the meaningful life we all are dreaming of.

Anna is a single mother of three teenagers and she for sure knows what it takes to balance a career and being a mother. She is also a devoted cat lover and three beautiful Maine coon cats share their home with her.

You deserve to live the meaningful and joyful life you are dreaming of. When you connect with your inner authentic self you get access to your own super power and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Be the change!