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About Elaina

ELAINA ZUKER is President of Elaina Zuker Associates, a management training and consulting firm in Montreal. A seasoned businesswoman, educator, author and consultant, Ms. Zuker's clients have included Fortune 500 corporations such as AT&T, American Express, IBM, Ogilvy & Mather, Bank of America, The Sheraton Corporation, Syntex Corporation and dozens of others.

Ms. Zuker holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Management/Organizational Development and is the recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award from NYU Polytechnic University. She also earned a Ph.D from the School of Hard Knocks in New York City

She is the author of six books, on leadership,  management , Assertiveness, Influence  and Communication. Her best-selling  (150,000) book, “The Seven Secrets of Influence”  has been translated into four languages.

Her unique “Secrets of Influence ™ “ theory and program (now also an eLearning) were developed from her business experience in Sales, Advertising and Marketing.